Confessions of a lazy girl

I'm not a lazy person, but when it comes to being a girl, I'm very lazy. I've realised there are so many things I do, well mostly don't do that apparently girls are 'meant' to. 



I sit down in the shower basically every time because I'm too lazy to stand up. Let me make this clear this is only in my shower that I know is clean, you won't see me doing this in the gym showers, a breeding ground of athletes foot and a side order of verrucas. Sitting down in the shower is a great chance to rest the legs. I even have the products I need on a shelf super close to me so I don't have to reach too high to get my shampoo or cleanser. 10/10 would recommend. Really adds to the showering experience. Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it. 

The shower seems to be where a lot of my lazy girl behaviour comes out to play. I brush my teeth in the shower. First of all you can sit down under the hot water brushing your teeth, it's a real treat I tell ya. And you don't have to stand on cold bathroom tiles while you are brushing them.


I'm also very lazy when it comes to shaving. Don't worry I'm not a sasquatch I do actually shave, but I'll start shaving my legs and then be like that's enough for now, maybe I'll do the rest tomorrow. Split shift shaving if you like. A patch today, a patch tomorrow, who knows. Thankfully I don't have very hairy legs, OK WOAH getting a little paro here, this doesn't mean I'm super hairy in other areas. Although I don't recommend shaving your vaheen. In grown hairs, spikey vaheen stubble and a weekly/ fortnightly growing bush are not our friends. Waxing and laser however, most definitely our friend. Someone else does it for you AND they make the hair grow back less so it's even less work for you, double win.


I am a member of the big tittie committee (Hiya hons, help yourself to our team t-shirts, V and scoop neck only because anything else is not flattering). But recently I've become a big fan of crop tops and have ditched underwire bras most of the time. I've found some super supportive ones the hold the gals up, don't you worry about that. They're just so much more comfortable and well you don't get evil wire digging into your skin. My Mum's always telling me off for wearing crops or bralettes, because apparently my boobs will sag. I'm fully aware of what's to come Mother dearest. I had to help my gorgeous Granny get dressed a few times and I had a flash forward to my future and let's just say things are not looking so bright in the breast department. 


If hair experts hadn't told us that dry shampoo can cause  baldness I probably would never wash my hair, but because I'm too lazy to wash it out to prevent said baldness, I'll just stick to my one to two weekly washes while I sit down in the shower, luxurious. Please promise me you will try it.

This leads me to my next lazy girl confession. I'm too lazy to dry my hair with a hairdryer. I only wash my hair at night & I let it dry au naturale while I sleep. It's like magic I tell you. Or ok your hair just dries overnight cos of air and stuff. Another lazy girl life hack, make sure you get a hair colour and style that needs minimum upkeep and styling in the morning. Balayage is a lazy girl's best friend. 

Let me make it clear I'm not dirty, hygiene is super important but there just seems to be so much time consuming admin involved in being a girl.

You've got to keep up with make up, shopping, manicures, pedicures, brows, lashes, moisturising, tanning, (Thursday night tanning night and lying in brown stained sheets am I right?!) And don't forget to exfoliate before and after tanning (HONESTLY I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR ALL OF THIS BS!). Especially if you want to avoid looking like a bread roll when your tan is coming off.

bread roll

Actually searched 'bread rolls' on the Countdown website to find out what bread roll image I had in my mind lol. It's tiger bread FYI.

I honestly have sat here (for a little while now) trying to work out how to end this blog post, perhaps I'm just too much of a lazy girl. I hope you can use some of my lazy girl hacks and feel free to share yours with me. Us (lazy) gals have gotta stick together!