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The Self-Love Club is a real-life modern gals guide to empower you to live your best life. 
It will provide you with tips to improve your self-love and self-care game, which will make you super happy and strong, who doesn’t want that right?
Find out more about self-love and The Self Love Club here.

On each episode of The Self-Love Club podcast Bel Crawford will interview girl boss women who are doing super cool things with their lives. 
They'll share their stories, explain how they've done what they have, share their self-love and self-care practises as well as their tips and professional advice.

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Episode 1- Simone Anderson

Simone Anderson started a journey to change her life in 2014. She shared her progress on social media quickly attracting a large audience who followed her as she lost 92 kgs.
This gained worldwide media attention which included being interviewed on Tyra Banks talk show.
Simone is now one of New Zealand’s leading social media influencers and content creators with a strong following of over 550 thousand across her social media accounts. Simone shares her inspiring story and self-care tips.

Episode 2- Dr Libby

Dr Libby is an internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, speaker and author of twelve books.
Armed with a huge amount of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help others recover their energy and vitality,
Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness. She truly is an angel and Queen.
We are super lucky to have Dr Libby share her story and knowledge on The Self-Love Club podcast.

Episode 3- Gaia Chinniah

Gaia Chinniah is a healer, spiritual practitioner and businesswoman.
With a master’s degree in management and marketing, Gaia owns and runs a product distribution company based in Malaysia.
When she turned 33 Gaia had a spiritual awakening and now also coaches people through their spiritual journey and life with the gifts and insight she’s been given.
We are super lucky to have Gaia share her story, profound knowledge, advice and gift on The Self-Love Club podcast.

Episode 4- Erin O’Hara

Erin O’Hara studied science and furthered her study to become a Naturopath.
She then competed internationally as a professional triathlete based in America for four years.
Erin had a goal of setting up a wellness centre by the time she was 30. When she moved back to NZ she set up a yoga and meditation studio and natural medicine clinic when she was 29, #nailedit
Erin is super passionate about natural health and empowering people to live their best, balanced lives.
We are very lucky to have Erin share her inspiring story and professional advice on The Self-Love Club podcast.

Episode 5- Anna Squelch

Anna Squelch worked in Executive Assistant roles in London, Sydney and New Zealand. Incredibly capable in her job she experienced the all too common corporate burn out.
Anna never thought there was another way to have a career and make money but took a leap of faith and turned her side hustle into her full time gig.
After gaining certification from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York, Anna is now a Holistic health and Business Coach helping women find alignment in all areas of their lives.
We are really lucky to have Anna share her very relatable and inspiring story and tips on The Self-Love Club podcast.

Episode 6- Lola Berry

Lola Berry is an Australian Nutritionist, yoga teacher, business owner and author of an impressive 10 health, yoga and cook books. The first she published when she was 23. With a dream of being the next Cate Blanchett Lola started studying performing arts, then became a DJ party gal and a make-up artist before finding her passion and purpose in health and nutrition. Lola started her TV career making Youtube videos about different foods and their super powers.
Lola is a self-proclaimed Aussie bogan and a beautiful fun loving soul that I can wait to catch up with again, she’s infectious to be around and makes you feel magical.
We are so lucky to have Lola share her story, realness, powerful advice and laughter on The Self-Love Club Podcast.
Follow Lola on Instagram: @yummololaberry

Episode 7- Tully Smyth

With a background in journalism and advertising Tully Smyth stared on the TV Show Big Brother in Australia in 2013
After the show Tully had grown a huge social media following and became one of the first to create a career and business out of it, as a writer, content creator and even though she hates the word ‘influencer’ which 5 years on is still going strong.
Tully has been open about her anxiety and also her Mothers dementia which has hugely affected her family and Tully’s life.
We are really lucky to have Tully share her story, rawness and advice on The Self-Love Club Podcast.
Follow Tully @tee_smyth on Instagram.

Episode 8- PJ Harding

Polly Harding aka PJ became one of New Zealand’s most lovable broadcasters, working her way up at ZM after studying at the NZ Broadcasting School.
PJ started doing the drive show with Jase Hawkins, the show gained a lot of traction (they’re what we call radio soul mates) and were snapped up by an Australian radio company to host a breakfast show on KIIS in Melbourne. Huge big deal!
PJ is all about the holistic mindful life and she’s managed to own who she is, making her extremely relatable and likeable.
We are super lucky have PJ share her story and inspiring advice on The Self-Love Club Podcast.
Follow PJ @pjdeejay on Instagram.

Episode 9- Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison (nee Daniels) started her TV career when she was still at high school on a children’s show Kiwi kids grew up watching, What Now.
Stacey is a Mum of three, a radio host on The Hits Drive show, a TV presenter, director, producer and Maori language consult.
She’s also an author and works in governance roles- is on the media advisory board as well as her children’s school board.
How does she manage to do it all? And how has she paved this career and life for herself?
A true boss babe, we are super lucky have Stacey share her inspiring story and empowering advice on The Self-Love Club Podcast.
Follow Stacey @stacedotcom on Instagram.

Episode 10- Love Lessons Part 1 ‘Learning to live out of love and not fear’

Spiritual healer, therapist and businesswoman Gaia Chinniah aka @soulthirtythree featured on Episode 3 of The Self-Love Club Podcast and will now catch up with me monthly for our series Love Lessons.
Part 1 will help you kick start your 2019 and teach you how to live out of love and not out of fear so you can live your best life.

Episode 11- Nikki Isemonger

With a background in aviation Nikki Isemonger is a stay at home mum to twin girls who are about to turn 3.
@nikkielizabeth_ as you may know her on Instagram, started to grow a social media following when she announced she was pregnant 3 months into a new relationship, openly sharing the shock and struggles that came with it.
Nikki is a fashionista, hilarious, an incredible Mum and one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met.
The way she has handled heartbreak, post-natal depression and continues to create the best life for herself and her daughters is truly inspiring.
We are super lucky to have Nikki share her story so openly and her advice on The Self-Love Club Podcast.
Follow Nikki: @nikkielizabeth_